About us

The Dargaville Motocross Club was formed in 2010

The Club caters for Senior & Junior riders on Bikes as well as Quads.

Our club is non MNZ, we do not keep points or score races. We also welcome Trail bikes, beginners & novices of any ability. Just come and ride for your enjoyment. You do not have to ride in your age group or class. So we usually have a big variety of riders attending.

The Club meets at the Red Hill track on the 3rd Sunday of each month

There are currently 8 classes being:

Mini novice/introductory (on Mini track) & Mini expert (Mini track or Main track)

Junior, Senior, Intermediate, Vets, Novice and Quads (Main track)

On club Day, each class have turns racing in 3 'moto's' 

Each 'moto' race runs for 10 minutes+1 Lap

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